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The volume of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) deals reached its peak in 2021 and, despite the geopolitical and economic tensions, this trend remains resilient in 2022. However, with all the opportunities for future growth that M&A brings to the table, there’s a significant drawback: full integration can take months or even years resulting in 10 to 20% of deals being terminated or canceled.

What can be done to prevent undesirable consequences of your integration initiative? At our meetup dedicated to the role of BI in M&A deals, *instinctools’ Business Intelligence consultants will talk about how advanced analytics can help to make more precise and well-thought-out decisions regarding M&A deals and increase the odds of their success dramatically.

At the meetup you’ll find out how to:

  • Take advantage of BI technology at each stage of your M&A journey
  • Mitigate the risks of overpaying for a target company and protect yourself from a bubble deal 
  • Nail the negotiations with crystal-clear and unambiguous analytics 
  • Identify the ways of increasing the asset effectiveness of a merged company
  • Retain and leverage the talent of the target organization

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September 20, 2022

3.00 pm (GMT+1) /9.00 am (CDT)

The value you’ll get during the meetup is not just limited to the topics above. There are many more practical tips hidden inside. Using real-life examples, our proven experts will demonstrate the BI capabilities in achieving your M&A objectives, including greater production efficiency and cost reduction.

Meet our speakers who’ll be guiding you through M&A intricacies:

Maxim Hayan, Finance and Business Integration Consultant at *instinctools. Since 2013, Maxim has been a finance and accounting expert at the due diligence stage as well as a major contributor to the finance integration at the post-acquisition stage of M&A deals across various industries. In one of his most recent projects, Maxim took charge of corporate BI solution implementation (based on SAP BPC functionality) for a key European player in corrugated packaging and paper products (VPK Group).

Alexander Obolensky, Head of BI Unit at *instinctools. Alex has been implementing Business Intelligence solutions for over 10 years. With much of his experience coming from M&A deals in retail, Alex is sure that BI technology is vital for the seamless integration of the two companies from the very beginning.

Date and time:

See you at 3.00 pm (GMT+1) /9.00 am (CDT) on September 20, 2022.

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