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Recently, two of our lead developers, Daniil Rybin and Igor Mikheiko, were interviewed by Clutch to speak about their experience working with Xamarin and PhoneGap, and some of the other software we use to develop mobile apps here at *instinctools.

Daniil and Igor’s reviews are a part of Clutch’s effort to produce the leading research on all things related to mobile app software and mobile app development agencies. Their research is targeted at buyers who may not be technically minded, but know they need to leverage apps for their businesses. Clutch interviewed Daniil and Igor to pick their brains about their experience working with app software. In their interviews our colleagues draw on their extensive experience developing apps at *instinctools to speak about the pros and cons of developing with these tools.

As the debate between hybrid and native apps continues to heat up, it is useful to think about the pros and cons of both of these methods. While developing apps natively is still preferred by most industry experts, as hybrid platforms like Xamarin have improved their capabilities over the years people have increasingly been open to developing on these platforms.

As evidence of this, here at *instinctools, our Xamarin division has grown rapidly over the last several years. As Daniil explains in his review, clients have been increasingly impressed with Xamarins ability to deliver apps with a beautiful user interface that still allow them to leverage their Microsoft infrastructure. We anticipate that these benefits will only grow with Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Xamarin. Microsoft has pledged that they will continue to grow the capabilities of the platform so it will remain one of the most powerful cross-platform development platforms out there.

If you’re interested in reading the full interview with our developers on Xamarin and PhoneGap head over to Clutch and give them a read. Thanks again to Daniil and Igor for providing their insights, and to Clutch for allowing us to partner in this research.

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Anna Vasilevskaya
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