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When it comes to bringing innovation to the market, *instinctools leaves no stone unturned. That’s why we joined industry leaders at Forrester’s Technology & Innovation North America conference on September 10 – 12, 2023, in Austin.

Forrester’s Technology & Innovation North America 2023 stood out as a vibrant hub of collaborative learning and engagement. The event highlighted the major role of technology in bringing business opportunities to fruition. For *instinctools, it was not just about keeping abreast of industry trends; it was a testament to our passion for never-ending learning.

Representing a front-runner in software development and digital transformation, *instinctools was actively engaged in discussions on driving value with generative AI across multiple industries, making technology a strategic differentiator while raising business productivity, fostering resilience in turbulent times, and more. The insights we gained during the panels are pivotal for our clients as they seek to elevate their businesses in a digital-first landscape.

Vitaliy Shchiglinskiy, *instinctools’ VP, who was among the attendees, stated:

Thanks to the Forrester’s conference, it has become crystal clear that we are on the right path, guiding our clients through the maze of technological evolution. And from now on, we are armed with even better understanding of how to deliver more robust digital solutions to ensure our clients stay competitive and lead in their respective markets.

Absorbing the knowledge from Forrester experts and industry visionaries, the *instinctools team got the blueprint for innovation in the upcoming years. The conference reiterated the importance of viewing both the broader strategic perspective and the granular opportunities ahead to help organizations not only become future-proof but also hit the levels not seen.

Forrester Technology & Innovation

After a blend of meaningful in-person interactions, attendees, including *instinctools’ representatives, left with actionable strategies, newfound connections, and confidence to navigate the challenges and grab the possibilities in technology and innovation.

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Anna Vasilevskaya
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