Advantageous costs

Our location allows us to offer you services at about half the rates of US/EU based development companies

  • Optimized software development processes

    we deliver high results quickly thanks to our optimized infrastructure and automated work processes running through the software development life cycle

  • Well-suited geographical position

    the wages in the IT sector in Belarus are one of the lowest in post-soviet countries. The state education system produces many high-quality engineers. These factors enable us to significantly reduce our own costs and offer better rates for our customers while still providing an outstanding quality of service

development processes

Reliability and credibility

For nearly 20 years, we have successfully delivered all the projects we have been engaged in

  • Rich experience

    we have worked more than 1000 person-years developing our projects and providing service to hundreds of customers

  • Varied industry experience

    our software helps to sell automobiles, to configure and to order complex furniture, to support production in factories, to generate documentation and financial reports, to support hierarchical dealer networks and much moree

  • Openness

    we demonstrate uncompromising honesty in working with our customers and we are ready to provide you with references of our customers and partners to substantiate this statement

rich experience

High standards

We have been developing projects for SAP, Daimler, Fujitsu EST, Burda Digital and many other enterprises and medium businesses

  • Understanding customer’s business

    we pay special attention to customer’s business goals and preferences. We try to work collaboratively with our customers to tackle any issues

  • High complexity of projects

    we help our clients in effective implementation of their complex projects. Our software is used in big corporations, thousands of small businesses and by individuals

  • Designing and promoting software products

    we develop and promote product understanding and control the entire life cycle of this process

high standards


We know how to work remotely and are ready to learn your preferred practices

  • Tailored infrastructure

    throughout our history we have been using the offshore development model. About 20-year experience helps us to tailor extremely convenient infrastructure solution for our customers. A combination of onsite and offsite resources helps us to minimize any disadvantages of remote work

  • Specialized processes

    our staff knows how to effectively communicate with a remote partner. We use convenient channels of communication and offer tailored development processes according to a project needs

  • Software for Project management and process automation

    in our work we use software solutions that make the development process transparent for our customers via web interface. Our internal processes and project management is closely tied to these systems


Considerable expertise

We have been developing and delivering software world-wide

  • Expert pool

    our team solves the technical tasks professionally. We pay a lot of attention to the training and development of our employees

  • Extensive experience

    We have operated for about 20 years in the offshore programming industry. We know about most of the possible issues in this area and how to solve them

  • Partnerships and recognition

considerable expertise

We are looking for new software projects
and strong relationships with different
software project providers