*Instinctools is looking for Staffing Coordinator/ VP of Engineering assistant


  • meeting resource requests from project managers;
  • collection and analysis of information from various sources in the company necessary for the VP of Engineering to make management decisions;
  • interaction with various roles of the company engaged in production activities (RM, PM, AM / AE)
  • optimal distribution and operational reallocation of resources on projects;
  • elicitation of the priority need for resources by specialties and qualifications, support of the recruitment process together with DM, AM, RM, other coordinators, ensuring internal mobility of employees;
  • participation in the Pre Sale Support Team as an operational source of information about the available resources of the company;
  • participation in the description of requirements for specializations and qualifications of resources, development of plans for the recruitment and rotation of specialists.

Technical requirements:

  • Basic understanding of Software Development fundamentals. Desirable: at least minimal experience of independent development or participation in a team.
  • Understanding of modern IT: – basic technology stacks, programming languages ​​and frameworks.


Management requirements:

  • Basic understanding of the company / department / department management process is required. Desirable – any management experience) in any field.


 Required soft skills: 

  • Communication skills: the ability to present complex problems and solutions to the mixed audience, ability to resolve conflicts if necessary by providing practical and flexible solutions;
  • Attention to details, friendliness, courtesy, high level of personal responsibility and commitment to quality, the ability to speak up with own opinion and ask questions where necessary;
  • Resilience to stress: flexibility to perform well in a dynamic environment with tight deadlines and changing priorities.
  • The ability to easily find  common language with different levels of company positions, an intuitive understanding of the existing structure of a “flat” management structure and hierarchy elements.
  • Understanding of cultural differences between employees of various territorial divisions of the company (RF / RB / RP / FRG). Ability to find a common language and establish communication in a multinational group.
  • Fluent English is a must.

About our company:

*instinctools is a European IT digital consulting & delivery company that is at the stage of active growth and step changes. Today we are more than 350 professionals. Together we craft the team that is the center of unique IT culture. Our core value is the focus on personal employee environments, so anyone is comfortable and motivated to reveal its full potential for common success.

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