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In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment, software development companies need and even have to be agile. An agile approach implies the rapid delivery of a valuable product through quick response to customer’s needs and requirements. We have defined 5 key principles of Agile methodology, which are applied to software development processes and companies as a whole.

Changing priorities

Customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of highly valuable software becomes a major principle of agile software development. Frequent iterations between requirements specifications facilitate rapid response to changes in scope and priorities. Adjustments are therefore recognized sooner rather than later. The sooner customers receive the final product, the earlier they get benefits from it!


Agile as a tool helps developers effectively handle new requests so as to provide services faster, thereby meeting or even exceeding customer’s expectations. Flexibility and ability to adapt to changing requirements and market conditions help businesses stay competitive and focused.

Self-organizing teams

Such teams are multidisciplinary in nature. They can figure out the necessary skill set and distribute knowledge across the members. This ensures the provision of best architecture, requirements, and designs. In this case, co-working and face-to-face communication make development processes faster and more effective.

Working software

The main documentation that helps to understand how the software should work is important. However, the main focus is on the creation of a helpful software solution for the customer. Through face-to-face communication between team members, documentation can be minimized.

Agile mindset

In an agile working environment, it is very important to have high-performing teams delivering a valuable product to customers. The performance of every team member depends not only on his/her skill set but also on the mindset, which comprises such attitudes as respect, collaboration, learning, and improvement, focus on value and adaptability.

Both in software development and company management, an agile approach becomes a part of the corporate culture. It requires understanding and sticking to the main principles of agile philosophy, as well as having an agile mindset. Any business that is based on such an approach should be able to adapt to the changing market, be fast-moving and flexible; it should build team communication on trust and respect, encourage knowledge exchange and improvements, do everything possible to minimize time-consuming processes.

*instinctools centers its company policy around agile methods of development and business management, providing high-quality products within agreed deadlines, meeting customers’ ever-changing needs, and satisfying their expectations!

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