Our customer is a specialist in wireless development. The company provides hardware and software solutions worldwide. Also, they support technical implementation of connected business solutions and cover the area of IoT practices.

About the project

The essence of the project is to collect data from sensors installed around the perimeter of a building. Their task is to measure the physical characteristics of communal objects (for example, temperature or humidity). Sensors transmit the collected data to the server where they are processed. Then, processed data is transmitted through applications to users: landlords and tenants.


For our customer it was necessary to organize the display of collected and processed data for landlords and tenants.

Therefore, the company set the task for us to develop special applications for displaying data to end users.


For landlords, we developed a web application to display data in all premises. For tenants, we developed a mobile application. This was developed on the basis of two platforms – iOS and Android. Users can download it via a QR code, which is located on the premises of a residential building.

Key Features

Web application:

8438AC1A-3B79-4C0E-B8F9-251C165D6359Created with sketchtool.

displays the data in a table format

6059A4DA-FFE5-475C-9293-C2403B7E17DBCreated with sketchtool.

filters the data for the specified parameters

719F6DE5-2DA8-4C82-9FEA-9A60A3EE8963Created with sketchtool.

displays the operation of the sensor

Mobile application:

9036B9CF-1358-48D4-9C25-BB0D6ADFEC27Created with sketchtool.

can be installed using a QR code

6B530ED8-7905-4992-9892-11B37CA3FC62Created with sketchtool.

displays the data of a sensor located in a particular apartment

2BD4E686-9A9A-4EB5-9B37-9222E0752C39Created with sketchtool.

when installing, unpacks the content of a particular landlord and customizes it, because the ID of each landlord is embodied in the QR code

A68D688A-64FE-4759-A0AA-CCD959D04AC9Created with sketchtool.

can be reinstalled for a new building / room by scanning a new QR code

7B2F73EB-62DE-4D01-BA46-9A546162709ACreated with sketchtool.

displays the sensor data:
- physical indices of premises
- graph of values for the selected time period

E847BC36-983A-4706-916D-1415619CE0E7Created with sketchtool.

notifies the user about changes of the physical parameters of the room and recommends specific actions (for example, to ventilate the room or close the window)


Web technologies:

Angular 2
Mobile technologies:
Java Development Kit 7
Android Studio
Firebase Cloud Messaging

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