We provide a comprehensive assistance in
adding a new item to your bank service line.

Complete legal assistance

We can either represent or establish your legal entity in the territory of Belarus, the country where worldwide cryptocurrency exchange operations are legalized according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 8

Approved technical solution

We suggest an already launched, time tested and smoothly working technical solution for precise and easy integration into your banking system


Our solution helps to keep pace with
the booming world crypto trend

  • Security compliance to the world’s best practices, FATF requirements and the highest standards of protection in cryptocurrency storage

  • Seamless integration into your bank systems via API, with no interference into your core processes

  • Time and resources saving by applying a proven legal & technical solution rather than developing a private one


Our solution enriches your bank services and lets
your customers experience more possibilities

For bank

For bank
  • bank revenue increases due to inflow of new clients interested in a new cryptocurrency exchange service

  • crypto expertise growth: from fundamentals to specific features - for further bank service line expansion

  • legal crypto operations thanks to the highest standards in crypto origin verification & Know Your Customer function compliance

  • bank brand recognition for being among the first to go into the crypto niche on fully legal, secure and protected rights

For customers

For customers
  • secure cryptocurrency transactions protected by bank regulations, security systems and law

  • satisfaction from the quick and easy cryptocurrency exchange functionality

  • simplicity and clear accessibility to buy and sell cryptocurrency in a familiar 2-window online banking design

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