Our сontribution

Development team

Project management

Budget planning

Thus, we are ready to handle
the complexity of the development
processes for our customers to:

  • cover budget formation issues for achieving the specified goals with budgeting strategy

  • provide transparent reporting on the done work for each sprint/milestone

  • handle project management, considering workflow changes and emerging requirements within the development process

  • cope with engineering team formation for every specific project, taking into consideration the specifics within the project development workflow, requirements and deadlines

At this stage, *instinctools development team crafts an optimized clean code structure using cutting-edge technologies, considering requirements for frontend, backend, web services, mobile development, and API development integration, factoring the aspects of scalability, multi-tenancy and 3rd party integration.

Aside from the delivery process, our company provides full set of CI/CD procedures based on the agreed-upon cloud vendor. We can also provide DevOps services to allow the development team focus on the delivery.

We follow the proper practices of performing UAT as a part of project milestones delivery.

Based on a regular analysis of product metrics, our team provides you with the recommendations on the feature’s delivery.

Working long-term on a product, our company creates a competency center to ensure proper transfer and analysis of domain practice, trainings and support activities.

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