The goal was creating an app enabling passengers to call a passenger or a cargo taxi, on the one hand, and carriers to receive orders from customers onto their mobile devices, on the other hand. For making the service up and running it was required to engineer a passenger and driver rating system per mutual assessments according to the results of each ride or carriage.


We came up with Android and server apps enabling the passenger to:

CBF5FC60-6776-490A-BA27-6BAF5F7480F1Created with sketchtool.

Call up a passenger or cargo taxi right to the address indicated automatically on the app or as corrected by the passenger himself

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filter cargo transport per tonnage

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Track down transport on a map

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Announce a taxi arriving

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get information about available transport and choices

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Assess the driver

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Make a phone call to the driver

Key features

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Receive orders onto their mmobile devices and see the customers on a map

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Choose a passenger per his rating status

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Assess the passenger

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Make a phone call to the passenger


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