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The customer contacted *instinctools while looking for a contractor to help them implement several new features to their platform based on ExpressionEngine. Due to the startup nature of the project, cost was a major factor. The cost/quality ratio offered by *instinctools turned out to be the best among all of the other competitors.
The customer hired a senior PHP developer to work on a number of challenging data visualization tasks.
The goal of the project was to modify the platform and to add a number of useful features to the existing functionality.


The problem was solved by the creation of complex charts for visualizing the relationship between admission success and various parameters:

Charts were built using the D3 JavaScript library. However, the key challenge behind this task was to calculate the number of unique words. This required the use of the phpMorphy library for lemmatization.

Key Features

All of the necessary features were successfully implemented to the platform including:

B44E6BAF-8EBC-4C5D-A56D-710F19DF4AC9Created with sketchtool.

An adaptive user form completion wizard comprised of multiple steps.

Group 6Created with Sketch.

Automatic filling of user forms with data from student application forms in PDF file.

As a result, the use of the platform has become much more comfortable for its users.

The customer was pleased with this cooperation and plans to outsource more development tasks to *instinctools upon receiving an additional round of funding.



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