VoxGen has broad experience in designing, developing and deploying novel off-the-shelf, speech-enabled interfaces. Their systems are based on a tried and tested application development framework which is built on their experience base.

The challenges for VoxGen lay in getting development services where the provider can familiarize themselves quickly with Voxgen’s framework, has expertise in Eclipse technology, can deliver high quality project results on time and can work in a self-contained manner as much as possible.


In order to meet VoxGen’s requirements, *instinctools assigned an expert project team within the timeframe of a week. The team comprised of experienced full time Eclipse and Java developers from our near-shore lab in Belarus, a Germany based project manager as well as part-time subject matter experts for application analysis and Quality Assurance.

The project was completed in 4 iterations. At the end of an iteration VoxGen had the opportunity to test results and refine their requirements. *instinctools provided weekly status reports which included achievements, open questions and a risk assessment. Any open issues during the project were solved in a cooperative manner based on the solution proposals provided by the *instinctools team. As a result VoxGen was able to achieve their goals by receiving their quality solution on time and within budget.


The technical base for the VoxGen project was Eclipse/RCP, Java and VoxGen’s own development framework.
*instinctools used their deep knowledge and vast experience of all major Eclipse components and Java development for this project.

Key features

VoxGen could handle the peak in their development activities by utilizing *instinctools’ resources. They were able to make use of our:
Iterative and agile project methods helped to increase the quality of the developed applications and minimize risk.
Blended project teams including near shore resources and onsite project management offered an optimal balance in cost, responsiveness and liability to VoxGen.

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