Racing Game

About the Project

Project Racing Game is a “print-on-demand” solution. The objective is to allow customers to create their own unique large size (1600 x 1030 mm) gameboard through:

Users have the choice to:


We were asked to create a web application that would allow the creation of unique gameboards. The application was to have the following capabilities:


We used a mathematical approach during the implementation of this project. These were mathematical solutions associated with vectors and the intersection of figures.

The math solutions we used:

Mathematical solutions
associated with vectors

Mathematical solutions
associated with the
intersection of figures

Calculation of the
shape of blocks

Using algorithms
and equations

Mathematical solutions associated with vectors

  • vector multiplication

  • сomposition of

  • decrease of vectors

  • rotation of vectors

  • angle calculation
    between vectors

  • vector length

  • finding the point of
    intersection between

Mathematical solutions associated with the intersection of figures

  • extension of blocks in
    the case of angled and T-
    shaped intersections

  • moving blocks
    circumferentially to
    approach the intersection
    (compression / expansion
    of the nearest blocks)

  • moving a block along a
    line to approach an
    intersection (when the
    intersection was with a
    circle)(compression /
    expansion of the nearest

  • widening the intersection
    region in the case of
    crossing with an acute

Calculation of the shape of blocks

  • calculation of average
    points for rounding circle

  • calculation of average
    block points for smoothing
    misaligned blocks

  • calculation of the initial
    and final block line

  • combination of small

  • finding the resulting
    block at the intersection
    of 2 figures

Using algorithms and equations

  • approximation line -
    Bézier curve

  • approximation line -

  • equation line, circle,

  • determining point in

  • determining point
    on line

  • determining point in
    defined area

  • checking point
    relative to the line

  • autoconnecting 2
    nearest lines

Key Features

DD49A2B6-585B-4416-B1BD-B03164CB3E2ACreated with sketchtool.

Save your design in a print ready PDF file

798A7EDD-DA3A-43EF-A9C3-CB3079D4B5ABCreated with sketchtool.

Decorate your race track with images, drawings and text

4340F093-A2B7-43B8-B576-955CA980B7C1Created with sketchtool.

Modify race track components

17592E54-5EBF-44DA-9D64-98EDF1A15DEDCreated with sketchtool.

Create your own gameboard
design from scratch or buy other users’ designs

FBF97E1E-E114-4F3A-8AFC-F7A7FAFCFEE3Created with sketchtool.

Reduce the size of the print
ready file
or zoom it to view online


AngularJS 1.0
Bootstrap 4
MEAN Stack

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