Portal for
European educational virtual fair EHEVF 2015



Online Portal should solve following problems that considered to be typical for every fair:

The main troubleshooting solution was to create the portal on the basis of CMS.


The main goal of our team was to make the backend part of the portal:

AE6CF16C-4E6C-49D1-8E41-2B7F9CD2BD00Created with sketchtool.

Import all early collected information on our CMS

936A8B7C-8658-4613-9D60-A7BD56DB991FCreated with sketchtool.

Integration with Adobe Connect webinars

C04BDECB-3EFD-48F3-B79F-B7520F8755B7Created with sketchtool.

Give the possibility for uni representatives to make their own micro-blogs for each university

FD0CACA8-3DF9-461E-84F1-0C72636905A1Created with sketchtool.

Create a university news feeds and possibility to receive periodical news from the existing ones (from university sites)

Arrange Q&A sections in each university; provide dynamic content filling of this sections on the basis of frequently asked questions; launch notifications for the interested upon receiving new questions / answers

A0C7DFC8-D12F-42AE-91BC-30033FB1B8F9Created with sketchtool.

Provide Online Calendars with the ability to subscribe on it and on periodical notifications upon publishing of up-to-date information that might be interesting to the user

803E161E-8E43-4716-AB8E-78664A99B8A4Created with sketchtool.

Arrange Online Chat Rooms for students and universities in a given time interval

94438601-7CCC-4500-8AEE-3A4DCFE0980CCreated with sketchtool.

Aggregation of news feeds and the ability to customize the data tapes for registered users

Enable easy editing / updating of information about universities by the uni representatives or content editors from mcGroup / Media Consulta

Import / export of users and creation of users notification about particular events in the system

Creation of custom reporting forms

5CD2D688-F767-4ED0-A60B-981FA2681B22Created with sketchtool.

Creation of custom layout for CMS pages



Adobe Connect API

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