Virtual publishing house

Mobile app for e-books platform and community created for both authors and readers.


The main aim was to develop an e-library similar to Amazon Reader. The app had to be interesting for a wide range of users: both authors and readers. The e-library was required to be multifunctional, and contain lots of possibilities, such as chat, convenient reading, sharing, and publishing.


Publisher features

B84181FC-4022-41D4-B3B1-366FE860B53FCreated with sketchtool.

Transform your text in three clicks into a professionally-designed book

8CB44ADD-114E-4661-8053-71EC81473C85Created with sketchtool.

No need to print a great number of copies to get an author's edition – order even just one

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Choose your own edition design – font, text & pictures, decorative fixtures, etc

E54AF91B-210C-4BFE-8F37-B8148CD26278Created with sketchtool.

Share links to your books – let your readers & colleagues make you famous!

54C90F59-7EAE-43B9-BE55-15FBDDA877AECreated with sketchtool.

Keep your copyrights effectively protected: with this e-library be sure that nobody will be able to steal the results of your book writing

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Let your book work for you: get fair remuneration for your piece of art

Reader features​

E95F3DE0-0AEA-4AD7-BD7E-56918A4C7739Created with sketchtool.

Find editions of every trend in the catalogue (even sector-specific texts)

3334D12A-62A7-4C2A-A7AC-CF1E359D4E45Created with sketchtool.

Read books in a convenient format – on paper or on any device

2AE3B686-377C-45E0-BD75-D98051E1206DCreated with sketchtool.

Be an expert, share your opinion on works you like, let it find its target audience and be an interesting subject for discussion

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Work with information, know your onions – leave your mark, highlight quotations, write comments directly in a book, share your thoughts with friends and likeminded people


YII framework
JS, Ajax

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