Administration of Perm Krai, which includes 33 public authorities with 2,600 staff members.


An extensive document management system without a unified strong architecture has resulted in the inability of Perm Krai residents to contact the government. It is necessary to modify the system in order to make it easier to use and more accessible for both employees and Perm Krai residents.
We have a large existing project, which already contained a fair amount of logic and more than a dozen active processes of document circulation that must be fixed. The project had been developed by a large number of programmers at different times and in different ways before us.

The client’s issues with the previous version included:

What we’ve done

The solution has enabled us to build a common approach for DAS integration with third-party systems, and later use it for integration with multi-functional centers. Several JMS brokers guarantee delivery of asynchronous messages, even in the event of the temporary unavailability of one of the end systems. Interaction with the JMS takes place via WebServise calls converted to JMS calls.

What we’ve done

What we’ve done

Key features

A total of 2600 people currently work in the system – DAS has become more convenient for everyone.

City residents can now directly communicate with the authorities as follows:

With the updated modules, a user can:

The entire work is done interactively with no page reloads.


There are currently 33 Perm Krai public authorities working in the system. The internal circulation of the document between them is fully electronic. DAS has developed 15 regulations of processes for the preparation of legal acts of the Governor, the Government and the Chairman of the Krai Government, orders of the Head, contracts, work with official correspondence, citizens’ appeals and instructions of the leaders.

In 2009, about 3.5 million tasks were initiated and carried out within the system. There are about 8.3 million documents in the system. The volume of data stored totals about 2.5 terabytes.



The introduction of DAS has significantly reduced the amount of time required for document processing. The staff was reduced by 30%, while the processed information flow per unit of time has increased by 50%. The number of complaints from the public and the staff of the Governor has been reduced. The staff of the Governor’s administration and the Government of Perm Krai has started to quickly respond to citizens’ requests.


EMC Documentum – a unified platform, which creates a common infrastructure for applications
Alfresco ECMS – a popular document management system in the Western world, available to users throughout the world, including access via mobile devices
Apache FOP, Apache ActiveMQ – a free web server with a reliable and flexible configuration.

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