Blackmoon Financial Group is a group of financial technology companies that was founded in 2014. The Blackmoon team has already gained extensive experience in investment management, as well as developing automated investment interfaces and asset management tools.

About the

Being in need for a special Platform for Tokenized Investment Fund the representatives of Blackmoon Financial Group addressed *instinctools with the request of help in creating a special Crypto Platform, which allows to create, develop, and manage investment funds on providing management tools to users.


Having collected the needed data from the customer about the project and all the requirements to the platform our specialists provided a detailed consultation to the customer about the smart contracts that were to be implemented.

It was decided that for the successful implementation of the platform the following ATx smart-contracts were to be created:

  • ATx Token / Proxy
  • Profiterole Contract
  • EmissionProvider Contract
  • BurningMan_FixedPrice Contract
  • Treasury Contract


*instinctools team created smart contracts for the project which help to fill in the following features:

  • implement ERC20 interface, linking to Service contracts and additional holders management;
  • collect and distribute for creation and redemption fees;
  • provide participation registration and token volume issuance called Emission Event;
  • provide ATx buyback – its organization and execution;
  • accept BMC deposits from Continuous Contributors via oracle and calculates bmc-days metric for each CC's role.

Every smart contract was properly tested by our specialists to be aware that the smart contracts are delivered correctly.


Investors received powerful and sharp instrument for their funds to be managed and connected with digital cryptocurrency economy which has the following Key Features:

  • asset token issuance that are backed by fiat investments;
  • platform for asset distribution among investors;
  • users earn bonuses according to held assets;
  • asset exchanges for ether.


Private Ethereum
blockchain network
Truffle framework

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