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The new DITAworks – even more convenient

The recent release of DITAworks is now based on Eclipse RAP 3.0 and in total designed to improve the overall usability and user experience

Stuttgart, December 08, 2015 – Today *instinctools announces a new release of their DITA CMS DITAworks, which is a ready-to-use DITA CMS (Content Management System) with enterprise-grade component content management functionality.

The current release includes first of all an upgrade of DITAworks to Eclipse RAP 3.0 which makes the user interface more fluid and working with it more convenient and faster.

Following the objective to provide our customers with the optimal working conditions *instinctools fully dedicated the new release to the enhancement of user convenience. Therefore some functional changes were implemented like

  • Support in Browse view while doing any of Drag and Drop operations into the browser
  • Integration of protective measures to save unsaved content in oXygen while network is slow and unreliable
  • Improvements of views and perspectives
  • Introduction of a new and convenient way to create keyref links with selector dialog for <xref> links
  • The possibility to place the inbuilt Assistant “Getting startedalong the bottom of the User Interface as you like

This release comes in effect for the two product versions: DITAworks Webtop for onsite installation and DITAworks Cloud, a cloud service that provides an affordable way for users to benefit from the productivity of a modern, topic-oriented documentation using the state-of-the-art CMS infrastructure.

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