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Software Development with Smart Sourcing

During years of experience in international projects of all sizes including offshore resources, *instinctools has been using proved “Smart Sourcing” approach which is a blended sourcing strategy of onsite, offsite and offshore development resources. This means that we can offer an optimized combination of all three sourcing approaches weighted by our customers’ expectations in cost, delivery and risk.
The project processes are supported by mature infrastructure and tools which motivates our customers to use the capacity and professional services of *instinctools. Using “Smart Sourcing” we are able to develop cost-effective, high quality and flexible solutions.

Onsite Development

In this approach, all the activities are performed at the customer’s site.
The project management and design & development teams are all based at that location. Customer’s sponsors work closely with *instinctools’ project management and design team to establish deliverables, timelines, team composition, etc. Day-to-day supervision of the activities is handled by a combination of the customer’s team and *instinctools team.

This approach is ideal for engagements where:

  • The scope has not been defined in detail
  • The scope may undergo a number of changes
  • The deliverables or the requirements can change dynamically
  • Timelines are aggressive
  • Information is confidential, proprietary, or there are other concerns about the security of information from a customer’s side

Offsite Development

In this approach, work is performed at *instinctools’ own development lab at its offices in Germany.
The *instinctools’ team meets with the customer team to work out the details of the engagement. The project scope, deliverables, screen layouts, reporting, functionality issues, timelines, etc. are all defined in details. Actual application test mockup may also be developed during this phase in order to understand the look and feel of the end product. After the definition phase, work moves to the *instinctools development office in Germany. Deliverables and other progress reports will be made available to the customer at predefined intervals. The customer may chose to receive remote access to the development server via a VPN or some other secure means. By accessing the development server remotely, the customer can monitor progress in real time and constantly maintain overall control even though the work is being carried out outside the office.

This approach is ideal for engagements where:

  • The scope has been defined in details
  • Timelines are aggressive
  • There is a need for the customer to meet with the development team or the team managers for better efficiency

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