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Selection of Case Studies

VoxGen uses *instinctools’ Eclipse Services

VoxGen, a british Company with branches in Germany and the USA has broad experience in designing, developing and deploying novel off-the-shelf, speech-enabled interfaces. In order to meet in time the high demand of projects VoxGen assigned *instinctools to support it in its developing tasks based on Eclipse technology. About this successful project read more in our case study.

SAP America: DITA component management system

SAP decided to develop its proprietary XML format to the open standard DITA. DITA allows users to write and maintain information modules, text and meta data in easily and structured manner. For SAP it became clear that DITA would become the reference for efficient content management and production. SAP determined *instinctools with its partner Componize for the realization of their DITA component content management systems and its integration with SAP’s other content systems. The system can handle 20,000 chunks of content, used and reused in potentially dozens of contexts, in nine different languages and tailored to the specific needs of thousands of customers. Read the Case Study.

Fujitsu EST GmbH: Decision to use DITAworks

Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH is using DITAworks as a tool for documentation based on DITA standard with immediate effect. Fujitsu EST, together with *instinctools, extensively tested DITAworks in its own projects and the practical experience of a large company contributed to the quality and production-readiness of this recently introduced software. Read the Case Study.

Hubert Burda Media: Cross-media Solution

*instinctools delivered a consolidated content pool to Burda Digital Systems based on single-source principles. This solution takes care of standardization and integration of several media formats and offers a variety of interfaces for further distribution out of the consolidated content pool. The same media element can be used simultaneously in online portals and printed magazines. The system is freely expandable. Synchronization and conversion interfaces facilitate flexible connection of additional data sources. Read the Case Study.

Daimler AG: Globus Helpsystem uses Web Authoring Tools

Daimler AG introduced a global solution to effectively support users of their new Global Buying System “Globus”. This solution provides the possibilities to create, add, translate, distribute, search and store information in different formats, such as: Online Help, User Manual, Training Manual, FAQ and the Download Center. Information is created according to the international documentation standards DocBook, translated into multiple languages and published in the Daimler AG intranet. Read the Case Study.

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