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*instinctools summarize the advantages of the integration of Oxygen in DITAworks at users meet-up

At November 17th, 2013 *instinctools shared their experience on integration of oXygen line with their DITAworks products at the oXygen Users Meetup in Munich. The short presentation focused on the benefits of „DITAworks integration with oXygen“.

DITAworks Pro, the desktop DITA authoring environment, comes readily integrated with oXygen XML Author and DITAworks Webtop, the enterprise web authoring environment, is delivered with oXygen XML Author Component already integrated. The free event was being organized by our OEM partner SyncRO Soft.

The meet-up took place on the pre-conference day of the Content Management Strategies/DITA Europe Conference in Munich.

For more information about presentation, see here.

November 6 – 11, 2013, *instinctools with new DITAworks editions at tekom and TC World 2013 Stand F01 EG

DITAworks Cloud and DITAworks pre-packaged with IBM FileNet in Wiesbaden, Rhein-Main-Hallen
As a leading provider of real native DITA support *instinctools will be presents at tekom and TC World again this year. The experts for Information Management are exhibiting two new members of their DITAworks product line. DITAworks Webtop, a DITA CMS is now available pre-packed with IBM FileNet. DITAworks Cloud provides immediate access to a comprehensive enterprise grade DITA CMS as a cloud service.

DITAworks Cloud helps in saving huge investments in time and money to build the CMS infrastructure in-house or to buy an expensive CMS. It counters the problem of procuring budget and personnel to build a competent and comprehensive solution and to always keep it up-to-date.
The access to the comprehensive enterprise grade DITA CMS, DITAworks Cloud, starts at 75 Euros a month. As there is no need to install anything, it is possible to start writing professional DITA documentation as soon as the subscription services are ordered.

DITAworks pre-packaged with IBM FileNet. DITAworks is the suited tool for the modeling, creating and publishing of complex documentation arrays and other structured content. With its latest development of an IBM FileNet integration, DITAworks provides a sound, scalable option for Enterprise DITA solutions. Templates and wizards help authors to create DITA topics and maps. On-the-fly validation is checking DITA- and project rules. Link management ensures an overview of in- and outbound links. Search and preview functions support content re-use. Check-in/out and an integrated review process enable efficient team work. You can publish to different output formats (e.g. PDF, HTML, MS Word, EPUB) or export to third party system like e.g. translation management.

*instinctools contribution at tekom and TC World

You can learn more about *instinctools products and services at our stand F01 EG in the foyer. Here we show you how

  • fast you can start your project with DITAworks Cloud,
  • which benefits you have when using DITAworks Webtop with IBM FileNet
  • how our client SAP is using DITAworks Webtop for Learning & Training
  • how DITAworks Pro is serving Fujitsu EST for software documentation

Tool Presentation (T8-AUT)

„Benefits of using DITAworks with IBM FileNet”
Learn about competitive advantages of using DITA based, structured contents on enterprise grade. The example of IBM FileNet shows how comfortable you can manage your contents with DITAworks based on an Enterprise Content Management Systems.
Room 4A – Thursday, November 7, 2013, 11:15 – 11:45 am

Technology Panel (TECH-POD4)

“Mobile-friendly outputs from XML”, together with Syncro Soft and Scriptorium Publishing
Room 2c – Friday, November 8, 2013, 11:15 – 12:00 am

June 18, 2012 – Single-Source-Forum in Munich

At this year’s Single-Source-Forum, concepts, visions and the creation of mobile documentation will take the center stage. *instinctools will be present at this event with a lecture entitled “Flexible e-Learning solutions with DITA 1.2″. *instinctools has already been providing DITA-based e-learning solutions to some well-known customers including SAP’s Learning and Training branch.

The annually organized Single-Source-Forum,held in Munich, is considered an industry highlight for technical documentation. At the event, organized by the Comet Group, new insights and trends in the technical documentation will be discussed with a large audience.
Mobile documentation is now on the strategic plans of every documentation team. In the industry, effective and innovative approaches to technical documentation for mobile devices have already been developed. The lectures at the event will cover two areas of mobile documentation. The first session will include the information on techniques and strategies for mobile documentation, while the second will be concerned with living and working in a mobile world.

Both topics have implications for team collaboration, employee needs and the operating structure. For these new approaches of modern knowledge management to function optimally, mobile data and information has to be structured well and stored safely. This information should then be addressed for different needs and different target groups. Opportunities and threats in the cloud and its connection to the mobile world as the foundation for inter-generational and cross-team work will also be discussed at the event. The mobile communications is changing our view of knowledge and information, and is allowing work independent of location and time. For each set of topics, Prof. Sissi Closs will moderate a panel discussion.

At the event, *instinctools team will also showcase itsDITAworks-based product linefor structured documentation. This includes DITAworksPro –  an integrated authoring platform, DITAworks Model –  an application for creating and managing DITA specializations, DITAworks  Webtop – the web-based authoring platform and DITAworks Eclipse – a specific application for the documentation of Eclipse applications.

Organizer’s website:

April 23-25, 2012 Content Management Strategies/DITA North America, La Jolla, California

CMS/DITA North America is the premier conference on the most effective and efficient ideas and methods for managing enterprise content. Meet presenters who may have started with technical publications but are now branching out to training, support, marketing, human resources, policies and procedures, and other content developers.

We  have been chosen to present on the subject “From competition to convergence: Mapping non-DITA models into DITA using Specialization”.

We will also showcase the entire range of products based on our structured authoring environment DITAworks. This includes: DITAworksPRO – an integrated authoring platform, DITAworksMODEL – an application for creating and managing DITA specializations, DITAworksWEBTOP – the web-based authoring platform and DITAworksECLIPSE – a specific application for the documentation of Eclipse applications.
See also

November 07-08, 2011 DITA Europe 2011,  Prague,  Czech Republic

The Content Management Strategies/DITA Europe Conference is an annual meeting place for all those interested in the latest developments in this area. Experts from diverse industries discuss various aspects around one thread: to underline the benefits of structured documentation with DITA.

We showcase our integrated authoring tool DITAworks and the world’s first DITA information modeling tools. See also link to event on CIDM.

October 18-20, 2011 tekom Annual Conference, Wiesbaden, Germany

The tekom annual conference is the leading global event for technical communication and information management. The conference offers some 200 lectures and workshops in German and English, a platform for international associations and organizations as well as a trade fair with 180 exhibitors. The annual conference is designed for technical communication experts and executives who are working for industrial enterprises or service providers.

*instinctools and our partner Componize are jointly showcasing our complete DITA solution offering geared towards medium to big enterprises seeking up-to-date documentation solution.
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