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*instinctools to present DITAworks for IBM FileNet at DITA Europe 2013

With the latest development of an IBM FileNet integration, the DITA CMS DITAworks provides new options to build comfortable, scalable DITA solutions. *instinctools demonstrates how easily enterprises can realize projects with DITAworks at the DITA Europe in Munich, November 18-19.

Stuttgart, Germany, August 27, 2013 — The annual Content Management Strategies / DITA Europe Conference organized by The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) takes place this year on 18-19th November in Munich. Participants and visitors appreciate the compact and concentrated form of this event where they can check of the current state of structured content and technical documentation. These include the latest developments, examples of best practices and trends in the growing field of structured content. Experts from various industries speak on these issues and exhibitors present their products.

As a leading provider of real native DITA support *instinctools presents DITAworks, a scalable DITA CMS at DITA Europe 2013. DITAworks is the suited tool for the modeling, creating and publishing of complex documentation arrays and other structured content. With its latest development of an IBM FileNet integration, DITAworks provides a sound, scalable option for Enterprise DITA solutions and a DITAworks cloud offering.

DITAworks product line includes DITAworks Pro, a desktop CMS for structured content based on DITA, DITAworks Webtop, the web-based version, DITAworks Model for easy DITA Specialization and DITAworks Eclipse, for documenting Eclipse based applications.

Throughout the event, the *instinctools team will provide information about products and services around DITA, and answer any queries at their stand and arrange individual demos for interested conference attendees.

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