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*instinctools to participate in CM Strategies/DITA NA 2012

We will present on the topic of mapping non-DITA models into DITA at the event Content Management Strategies/DITA North America 2012. Our team will also exhibit the complete spectrum of our DITA-based products and services during the entire event.

Stuttgart, January 16 2012 — *instinctools will be in La Jolla, California from April 23–25, 2012 to participate in the event “Content Management Strategies/DITA North America 2012”. For this year, we have chosen to present on the subject “From competition to convergence: Mapping non-DITA models into DITA using Specialization”.

Our presentation will highlight one major hindrance in DITA adoption and will present the solution to overcome it. Almost every information consultant has faced a scenario when a customer wants to use a certain DTD or XML schema that is not DITA but wants to get benefits of modern DITA tools. The reasons for the customer wishing so could be that either he believes that this DTD fits his documentation environment better or he has more experience working with it or he finds standard DITA too complex to work with. We will show how DITA Specialization can be used for migrating different XML models into the DITA environment. This will result in a win-win situation and the customer will benefit from the modern DITA tools while staying with the advantages of the models he wants to work with.

We will also showcase the entire range of products based on our structured authoring environment DITAworks. This includes: DITAworks PRO ; an integrated authoring platform, DITAworks MODEL ; an application for creating and managing DITA specializations, DITAworks WEBTOP ; the web-based authoring platform and DITAworks ECLIPSE ; a specific application for the documentation of Eclipse applications. All these applications are pure DITA-based products and so, the users are able to avail complete benefits from adopting the modern documentation standard DITA.

Content Management Strategies/DITA North America is organized annually by The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM). It acts as a meeting ground for information professionals and the companies and individuals either interested in or experienced in DITA based information solutions. This allows for an interesting exchange of knowledge as well as developments in the areas of content management and DITA. This event will also feature presentations by some noted professionals in these areas.

For more information about the event “Content Management Strategies/DITA North America 2012”, please click here.

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