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IFOS is a web-based project management tool developed by *instinctools for effective project controlling and efficient communication inside the development teams and with customers. IFOS forms a single point of communication and accountability for our projects. It is one of the pillars that makes our projects controllable and transparent to our customers, saves efforts needed for tracking and increases quality of our management tasks.

*instinctools’ customers get an access to the system after the project commencement and with the help of IFOS they receive the following benefits:

  • process monitoring – as IFOS is very closely integrated with the main *instinctools’ development processes, it provides overview of project activities and adds to manageability and effectiveness of each project. Customers can get an overview of the status of their project, activities that are being performed, get information about the team of developers working on their project and their roles in the process.
  • reports generation – it is possible to create reports which show all the activities which have been undertaken in regards to a certain project, get an overview of the project on the whole and draw conclusions.
  • bug/issue reporting – customers can create a task/bug/recommendation which will be sent directly to the developers or managers and notifications of all activities related to the inquiry will be sent to the customer via email.
  • requirements tracking – requirements are collected and managed in central place according to the predefined processes.
  • direct communication with developers – customers have direct access to the developers and can ask questions or make suggestions eliminating possible losses and misunderstandings in the communication chain.
  • access to the project documentation – customers can view all the information related to the project as well as add their own files which are significant for the project. The system insures that nothing is lost during and after the project.
  • cost tracking – having the complete understanding of the project and processes that are being performed, customers can see how the budget is being spent and keep track of all the project costs.

*instinctools’ customers get an access to IFOS and thus can get the above mentioned information about their project independently of their location using their preferred language (currently it can be English, German or Russian) as well as stay in touch with the development team at any time convenient to them.

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