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Eclipse for Efficient and Future-oriented Solutions

The consistent commitment to Eclipse technology will increase quality and productivity of your applications, while development cost and time-to-market will decrease.

Usage of Eclipse offers a broad range of advantages and opportunities:

  • Eclipse is free and open source software and very well supported by a worldwide community.
  • Besides free open source plug-ins, there are also many commercial plug-ins available on the market.
  • The high number of Eclipse users and suppliers generate good network and synergy effects.
  • Development effort can be reduced by using the existing platform and available components.
  • Eclipse can serve as an integration level: all applications developed on Eclipse easily fit with other Eclipse-based applications.
  • The comfortable Update Management checks plug-ins for latest versions and uploads them automatically.
  • Thanks to OSGi standard Eclipse can easily be enhanced and configured.
  • Ability of a Rich Client Platform (RCP) is given.
  • Nearly all Eclipse concepts and their advantages can be used in a web-based environment with support of the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP).

Eclipse offers tremendous possibilities for integration and re-usability of components. Its modular approach and flexible plug-in concept allows profound reusability of components. An increasing number of existing plug-ins show the easy enhancement of the platform.

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