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DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) – is an OASIS standard (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) which is designed for managing complex documentation with a unified content reuse mechanism.

Benefits of DITA?

  • DITA is one of the most widely used international standards with strong support from the industry.
  • DITA is based on XML, and like other XML standards as DocBook or Mumasy, it supports the separation of structure, layout and content. Modeling and specialization features provide the possibility to define industry or company specific information structures.
  • DITA fully supports a topic-oriented approach for Technical Documentation, which helps to implement single source principles effectively and hence increases content reuse.
  • DITA applies object-oriented concepts to data modeling through its capabilities in inheritance and specialization. In DITA, the standardized industry-specific specialization models are available and individual industry-specifc as well as company-specific models can be developed.

DITAworks talks DITA

The effective utilization of DITA-architecture requires adequate tools.

  • DITAworks is able to utilize the entire potential of the DITA standard because of its 100% native DITA architecture.
  • DITAworks supports your documentation process along the entire documentation lifecycle from modeling through creation to publication.
  • DITAworks supports visual DITA modeling and allows for individual specializations representing complex relations. Already existing specializations can easily be integrated by using the import functionality of the tool. The built-in export function facilitates the transfer of models into third party systems.

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