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DITA Uses Cases

Policy and Standards

Increasing influence of international standardization on companies of all sizes (e.g. product liability, process standardization, Basel II, ISO) requires organization-wide deployment of corporate standards. In order to achieve fast and effective comprehension of standards and rollout through multiple outputs, reuse of Guidelines, Policy and Procedure content throughout an organization has to be maximized. Standardization of policy, procedure content and corporate standards has to be ensured through every document or online information published.

Training and E-Learning

Ever-growing pressure on development of products and services poses great challenges on the level of skills which employees of global companies have to possess. Such organizations, distributed over several locations and even time zones, have a strong need for new learning and training methods which could meet their complex requirements. Thus Web-Learning and Web-Training become an essential part of blended learning strategy and help to meet these new requirements.

Technical and Product Documentation

Nowadays technical documentation has to be very sophisticated: it has to meet various legal regulations, conform to diversity of different product variants and new launches, meet local preferences of the global market, be adapted for different types of media and has to be aligned with a company’s product strategy and accelerated time to market. It is essential for the information to be actual, complete, precise and consistent. Our software solutions support creation of technical and product documentation by covering complete documentation development cycle from content generation to publishing in different formats and editions due to usage of the Single Source Authoring Approach.

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