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DITAworks CMS updated with deep integration of XTM Translation Management

Stuttgart, November 12, 2014 – *instinctools announces that XTM translation management software, from their partner XTM International, is now comprehensively integrated into the updated DITAworks CMS. The global players and companies needing multilingual and localized documentation will benefit the most from this integration as it will help them in saving time, integration work and translation costs.

The integration of XTM into DITAworks CMS had the goal of saving time to manage the translation process, ensure a seamless and smooth translation process and to provide control to the documentation managers to be able to track the translation status from within DITAworks. The updated DITAworks CMS is seamlessly integrated with the translation workflow so as to provide synergy to the whole translation exercise. The documentation managers can do the role and task management from the CMS interface and keep on getting clear and updated information without bothering the translators. And the translators automatically report to the documentation managers without spending extra time on writing status reports.

The videos regarding the integration are available as follows:

Learn more about XTM Translation Management.

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