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DITA is here!

The Componize and *instinctools partnership provides the most complete DITA solution available today.

Enterprises benefit of the comprehensive solution for modeling, authoring, managing and publishing their structured content in DITA.

  • Optimized user experience with DITAworks. *instinctools’ DITAworks can help you leverage the benefits from the single source approach and an optimized tool set. DITAworks is our authoring platform that provides integrated functionality for modeling, authoring and publishing structured documentation.
  • Advantages of a DITA CMS with ComponizeComponize, a DITA XML CMS, can let you spend less time organizing, searching for and reworking technical and training content, and more time creating real value through better reuse and faster, multi-channel production.

For more information about DITAworks, please visit our productsite of DITAworks.

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