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SAP America

  • SAP Learning Platform uses DITAworks Map-Editor

The DITA adoption in an enterprise would be beneficial only if it makes use of the right tools which fit into the existing infrastructure easily. This need is what *instinctools and its partner Componize fulfill by offering a complete DITA documentation solution which is scalable and extensible. *instinctools’ flagship product DITAworks, an integrated authoring platform, and Componize DITA CMS are part of this joint solution. And together, they provide a complete documentation solution which multiplies the benefits gained by enterprises from the move to DITA.
For more information please refer to our SAP case study.

Fujitsu EST

  • Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH decides to use DITAworks

Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH will be using DITAworks as a tool for documentation based on DITA standard with immediate effect. Fujitsu Enabling Software Technology GmbH, together with *instinctools, extensively tested DITAworks in its own projects and the practical experience of a large company contributed to the quality and production-readiness of this recently introduced software.
For more information please refer to our Fujitsu case study.

Hubert Burda Media

  • *instinctools develops Cross-media Solution for Hubert Burda Media Company

*instinctools delivered a consolidated content pool to Burda Digital Systems based on single-source principles. The solution developed by *instinctools takes care of standardization and integration of several media formats and offers a variety of interfaces for further distribution out of the consolidated content pool. The system is suited for complex data integration and follows the principle of single-source publishing. This means publishing contents from a single source to various target media in different context.
For more information please refer to our Burda case study.

Daimler AG

  • Helpsystem for Buying System “Globus” Uses Web Authoring Tools

Daimler AG introduced a global solution based on the GateOne Framework to effectively support users of their new Global Buying System “Globus”. This solution provides the possibilities to create, add, translate, distribute, search and store information in different formats, such as: Online Help, User Manual, Training Manual, FAQ and Download Center. Information is created according to the international documentation standards DocBook, translated into multiple languages and published in the Daimler AG intranet.
For more information please refer to our Daimler Globus case study.

Acrolinx GmbH

  • *instinctools delivers Eclipse Plug-in
    for acrolinx IQ™

acrolinx IQ™ is an information quality management product, which provides appropriate language standards, thereby making consistent product communication all through the enterprise possible. Already when text and content is being created, this technology examines them regarding grammar, word choice and sentence structure and offers appropriate correction proposals. *instinctools has successfully developed a Plug-in for acrolinx GmbH so that all characteristics of acrolinx IQ™ can now also be used for the examination of content used in Eclipse development as a result of this new Eclipse/RCP interface.
For more information please refer to our news *instinctools delivers Eclipse Plug-in for acrolinx IQ™.

Vox Generation Limited (VoxGen)

  • Product Development based on Eclipse for
    Voice Self-service Software

VoxGen’s applications are based on Eclipse technology and the standard product development is performed by VoxGen’s own resources. Because of the high demand for project implementations, they had to ramp up the number of highly skilled developers on short notice. The challenges for VoxGen lay in getting development services where the provider can familiarize themselves quickly with Voxgen’s framework, has expertise in Eclipse technology, can deliver high quality project results on time and can work in a self-contained manner as much as possible. The *instinctools team familiarized themselves quickly with VoxGen’s development framework and adapted their development planning within that frame. The project was planned keeping in mind the constraints of time and the need for self-sufficiency. The project was implemented in an iterative manner and was completed in 4 iterations. The result was that VoxGen was able to achieve the goals by receiving their quality solution on time and within budget.
For more information please refer to our VoxGen case study.


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