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CeBIT 2015 *instinctools attending IBM International Business Partner Day

As an IBM Business Partner, *instinctools will attend their International Business Partner Day at CeBIT, March 19, 2015. Just in time *instinctools has upgraded DITAworks, their enterprise-grade DITA CMS, to latest IBM FileNet Version on Linux.

Stuttgart, Germany, March 17, 2015 — *instinctools GmbH the vendor of the enterprise-grade DITA CMS DITAworks will be present at the IBM International Business Partner Day at CEBIT, March 19, 2015 in Hannover.

DITAworks pre-packed with IBM FileNet provides options to enterprises to build comfortable, scalable DITA solutions or move to the DITAworks Cloud.

DITAworks provides key functionality and processes for structured content projects out-of-the-box:  content and map manager, integrated oXygen web author component, publishing, review and localization processes, version management, enhanced re-use support and various connector to 3rd party tools for publication and translation.

*instinctools is also providing a CMIS connector for oXygen Editor to IBM FileNet for those who prefer client-site editing and synchronization with a central content manager.

DITAworks product line includes DITAworks Pro, a desktop DITA CMS for structured content based on DITA, DITAworks Webtop, the web-based version, DITAworks Model for easy DITA Specialization and DITAworks Eclipse, for documenting Eclipse based applications.

Find more information about DITAworks on IBM Global Solution Directory.

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