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Areas of our Eclipse Expertise

Eclipse started as an open source integrated development environment (IDE) which supports the development of software. Coordinated by IBM, nowadays Eclipse is increasingly used as an advanced platform for end-user application development. Equinox (OSGi Implementation) and Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) provide the solid technological base for Eclipse. These two components are the base for modular rich client applications. All Eclipse modules are distributed as separate installable plug-ins. Many of them are open source. Additionally, Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) enables usage of Eclipse in web-based applications. By using RAP, web-based applications can be designed according to Eclipse RCP principles. Source code of web-based and rich client can be re-used to a high extent, thus optimizing development costs.

Below is a list of sub-projects and Eclipse technological areas where we have gathered substantial knowledge and where we offer our development service:

  • Equinox as OSGi Implementation – Development of modular applications (also for web-based environment). Equinox integration with Spring, Struts and other popular technologies of the non-OSGi world.
  • RCP Platform – Development of applications based on RCP/SWT/Workbench.
  • EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) – Experiences in EMF/e-core model-based development. Code-generation with JET.
  • Visual Editors/Structured Editors/WTP XML Editor – Experience with Eclipse structured editor architecture. Development of self-customized visual editors.
  • GEF and GMF – Experiences in development of schematic graphical editors.
  • JDT and PDE Development Infrastructures – Usage of development infrastructure.
  • RAP (Rich AJAX Platform) – Development of AJAX web-based applications with Eclipse Equinox and SWT infrastructure. Experiences with strategies for code re-use between RCP and RWT (web-based client).
  • BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) – Development of BIRT-based reports.
  • SOA in Eclipse environment – Development of SOA applications in Eclipse environment.

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